A Revolutionary New 21 Day Detox for Body, Mind & Spirit, ONLINE

19th Jan - 9th Feb, 2019

21 Days to a Whole New You ~ Tools for a Lighter more Radiant Life

Even for those who adopt a healthy, conscious lifestyle our environment can be highly toxic at times, from soaring pollution levels to our recurrent venomous thoughts and harmful emotions. We want to feel lighter and more radiant and it's not simply about the skinny jeans and luminous skin, although they are a bonus.

We're evolving at a rapid rate, our consciousness rising and our bodies, minds and spirits need to be in optimal health to resonate at the higher, lighter vibrational frequencies. It’s time to let go of past patterns, thoughts and habits which weigh heavy on us, holding us back from our next level of transformation.

What makes this detox programme different from the many others on the market is that it’s totally holistic, simple and profoundly effective. It combines the best in naturopathic medicine, ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science with energy healing and transformational coaching for significant and lasting results.

Our expert team has over 40 years’ experience in holistic health and will support you over the 21 days and beyond with powerful tools and techniques so you can easily create a lighter more radiant life now.

What's included in the 21 day programme for £141:

~ Vital Energy Restorative Optimisation System – 21 Day Detox Kit made with therapeutic plants from New Zealand.

~ Live Facebook training sessions providing you with powerful tools and techniques to support physical, emotional, mental & spiritual cleansing.

~ Handy information booklet to educate and empower you to support your transformation.

~ Restorative meditations to aid detoxification.

~ Simple protocol for cleansing.

~ Private Facebook group for support and accountability.

~ Email support for any specific questions you may have during your detox.

+ Private 1:2:1 session/s available at an additional cost.

Benefits include but are not limited to:

Physical ~ Weight loss, fat loss, less cravings, hormone balance, clearer skin, increased energy, lower cholesterol and cortisol levels, cell renewal, better sleep, anti-aging effects, improved digestive and immune health.

Mental ~ Clearer insight, greater focus and concentration, more resilient to stress, improved sense of wellbeing.

Emotional ~ Elevated moods, balanced emotional state, improved relationships, letting go of unhealthy emotional attachments and habits.

Spiritual ~ Clearer intuition, deeper consciousness, higher vibrational resonance, feeling more in flow.

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back to balance - Chakra balancing workshop, FARNHAM, Surrey

november, 2018

Chakras are one of 9 primary energy systems in the body. The word chakra translates from Sanskrit as wheel and is a concentrated energy centre. 7 major chakras lie along your central axis from the top of the head to the base of the spine.

Each chakra supplies energy to specific organs, corresponds to an aspect of your personality, and resonates with one of seven universal principles to do with survival, creativity, identity, love, expression, comprehension, or transcendence. They play a major role in the functioning of the endocrine system and in emotional, psychological and spiritual balance.

If the energy at any of these centres becomes blocked, your emotional and physical health suffers, having a significant impact on your wellbeing.

In this workshop you will learn how each chakra affects you as well as methods for testing their strength. We’ll implement a variety of simple yet powerful techniques to clear and balance your chakras; including guided meditation, energy medicine, essential oils and sound healing.

You will leave the workshop with a deep sense of relaxation, harmony and balance. Plus a new set of techniques and a chakra balancing spray to assist you in reaching and maintaining optimal vitality in the future.



Multiple dates Nov - Dec 2018

This class will inspire and empower you to optimise your health and wellbeing and safely & confidently incorporate dōTERRA Essential Oils into your home, a natural and effective alternative to pharmaceuticals and toxic chemicals.

dōTERRA Essential Oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade which makes them different from other essentials oils. They undergo rigorous in-house and third party testing and their purity and potency is the highest of any product on the market today. The oils are obtained from the plant in its country of origin, and are completely free from chemicals, pesticides, or any artificial ingredients.

These oils can be diffused aromatically (using a cold water diffuser), applied topically (onto the skin), or taken internally (added to capsules, drinks or food) as dietary supplements. Come and learn how they can change you life, I promise you'll never look back!

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