I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, navigating the consumer hurdles and family forays with ease. I'm just dusting myself off and preparing for my best year ever! I hope you'll join me. 

We're almost at the dawn of a new year, so it's time to get clear on what is it that you want to create in 2018. Numerologically this is a powerful ‘11’ year (2+0+1+8=11) the master number of manifestation.

When you're aligned with your passion and purpose, situations and things manifest FAST, so hold on tight!

January under the sign of Capricorn will be a quiet and internal month, perfect for diligently laying the foundations for the year. I'd recommend you allow at least 30 minutes to create your intentions. Here's a simple but proven 3 step method you can follow:


You don’t have to do the ceremony on the 31st of December. Select a day and time when you can focus your energy, you can do this alone or with loved ones.

It can be as simple or elaborate as you wish, here are a few ideas to help you get started.

  • create an altar with personal items such as photographs, art, crystals etc
  • burn some incense or sage smudging to clear the space
  • light a candle to illuminate your vision for 2018
  • have pen and paper at the ready or your art supplies
  • put on music of your choice (or try my suggestion below) and mediate for 10-15 minutes to connect with your innermost desires and gain clarity on what you want to create in 2018


I recommend getting a large piece of paper and dividing into sections which represent different areas of your life for example, health, wealth, relationships etc. There is no right or wrong number of areas to focus on let your intuition guide you. 

Then in each section write some key words or actions you'd like to take. Then create an "I or I am" statement for each, this helps your subconscious mind think it's already happening and so the universe will too. For example:

Health: The goal can do with fitness or dietary habits or it can be very general, such as: “I tune into my body wisdom and make choices that nourish and support every cell in radiant health.” or "I am tuned into my body wisdom and make choices that nourish and support every cell in radiant health.”

2. VISION FOR 2018

When you have all your statements ready read aloud and after each one state "And so it is!” then take a couple of minutes between each statement to close your eyes and imagine using all your senses to really see, here, feel, smell and taste what that vision of health, wealth or relationship would be like. *For extra potency you could even record these declarations on your phone and listen to them as affirmations before bed.*

Once you've gone through all the statements in turn, I'd recommend creating a vision board which encapsulates all these areas, your vision when you manifest your dreams in 2018.

You could do this on a virtual Pinterest board, or on a physical vision board whichever you prefer, the more beautiful and lovingly crafted the more powerful the board will be and then simply look at it daily and watch your dreams manifest.

Here's to 2018, The Best Year Ever!