There is no better time to start afresh and pursue new goals and dreams than the start of a new year. It's a great time to reflect before pressing the reset button.

However, thinking about change and actually implementing it is something quite different.

That's because bad habits are hard to break, I know all too well - this weekend I was BAD, I hope SANTA wasn't watching!!

In order to break old habits and replace them with shiny new and empowering ones it's crucial to follow a system that's proven, tested and actually works.

Just like my Total Life Transformation System™: 90 Days to a Whole New You™. It's been perfected over a number of years by me and my clients are having amazing results with it.


1. Replace your bad habit with a good habit. Habits are hard to break because you're just so used to doing them they become automatic. If you replace habits with a new behaviour 'piggy backing new habits onto existing ones' at the same time/event or trigger your subconscious ingrains the new habit in the place of old one and it makes it a good habit much quicker. 

2. Know your triggers and avoid them. Make it easier on yourself to break bad habits by avoiding the things that cause them. Change your environment change your outcome.

3. Make the new habits easy and convenient. The simpler the better, easy things are easy to do. Simple!

4. Don't do it alone get accountability and support. Tell people who you know will support you and keep you accountable, we can fool ourselves but when we're accountable to others we're less likely to break the new good habit, we all want positivity and praise deep down!

5. Imagine your new improved self using your 5 senses. Powerful visualisation is incredibly effective. See, hear, feel, touch and taste your new 'improved self' daily for 21 days and 

6. Reward your success. We've not come far from Pavlov's dog, rewards work, they encourage you to repeat the behaviour. 

7. Rinse & Repeat for 21 Days. Do this for 21 Days and voilà a shiny, new positive habit has been formed!

So are you ready to make 2017 your best year yet?

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